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Our Vision

Founded in 2003 by Joy Miskovich, OFFERweb's core values and business practices still remain intact. With Joy's constant and steadfast daily involvement for the past 11 years, OFFERweb has continually grown and today now prevails as a premier leading edge, performance based network.

Servicing many of the same advertisers and publishers for almost a decade, OFFERweb's long term relationships, all providing consistency, quality and reliability in today's marketplace, are uncomparable and like no other in its space.

With its sole headquarters now in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Joy has spear headed an even greater renewed energy and corporate culture as she continues to embrace the company to its core. With an industry team of the most qualified and respected staff, OFFERweb is poised to continue on to the next levels of exponential growth.

Practicing daily its core values of ethics, reliability, quality and consistency, OFFERweb welcomes you to get involved and BE A PART OF SOMETHING GREAT.


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